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Its Primal Party Time

Hooray! Once again the weekend is upon us.  Even now that I am not working, I still look forward to the weekends.  Happy hours, parties, dining out or just staying home, people just seem to be happier when the weekend comes around. For me weekends always mean doing something active during the day – running with my running group, cycling, hiking, oh, and of course stuff around the house. Evenings can be laid back, dinner and a movie, parties, or just getting together with friends at a bar.  While I typically shy away from alcohol during the week, I do enjoy a cocktail or two, or a glass of wine, on the weekends.  Its something I am just not willing to give up. So, can you still enjoy some wine or a cocktail while still being faithful to the primal lifestyle.  It’s a choice, but I think you can.  Of course, it goes without saying, moderation is the key.

The news is fraught with the benefits of drinking in moderation, from lower heart disease risk to a lower risk for diabetes (  Some studies suggest that it may actually lower insulin levels altogether and may prevent diabetes through that mechanism.  Precisely what a primal diet is supposed to do, right!  Also, alcohol isn’t metabolized the same way as carbohydrates.  Of course it does have calories, so be careful.  Alcohol is metabolized in the liver and becomes your body’s first choice for energy.  so, you won’t be burning fat until you burn off those alcohol calories.   So enjoy a drink every now and then if you like.

While you’re at it, why not mix your favorite alcohol with something that packs some antioxidant effects.  Might I suggest during the upcoming hot summer months that you add some rum to an icy green tea with freshly muddled mint. 

Cheers and enjoy, in moderation, of course.  Have a great weekend!

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