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Mexican Conundrum! What’s a Primal Guy to Do?

There’s nothing like a vacation.  The excitement of deciding where to go, what to do, where to stay and then, when its all planned, the anticipation of the day of departure finally arriving.  My partner’s 40th birthday is coming up and rather than spending lots of money on a party that only lasts a few hours, I decided we would go to on vacation instead.  We decided on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I can’t tell you how excited we are about this trip.  We both love to travel and have both traveled extensively. Neither of us has been to Puerto Vallarta.  I’m the type that likes to keep going and typically am not that interested in just lounging around at the pool or beach for a week.  We always try to go somewhere where there’s lots to do and see.  I had a small change of heart last year after staying with a friend in his beautiful villa in Playa Langosta, just outside Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Playa Langosta, Costa Rica

It was uber relaxing hanging out at the beach, taking naps, watching the sun set and enjoying great company.  The day was usually capped of with a cocktail on the beach and then a nice dinner in town after the sun went down. I have come to realize that you can have a great vacation when you balance activity with rest.  So, this trip to Puerto Vallarta will include some activity and some relaxing.

My biggest conundrum, however, is how I will eat and remain faithfully primal in the land of beans, rice and tortillas.  This will be my first vacation since embracing the primal lifestyle.  During a walk in the park the other day I told my partner that I just didn’t know how I would handle the eating portion of this trip.  I love Mexican food.  Chips, salsa, tortillas, tacos, well the temptation may just be to much for me.  Don’t even get me started on the margarita and pina colada issue.  I suppose everyone will point out that there will be lots of choices: fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.  But when you get to your hotel and they greet you with a couple of fresh margaritas, a bowl of hot tortilla chips and guacomole, well, I don’t think I can just ask for a spoon to eat the quacamole, and send back the chips and margaritas.

There’s something about being on vacation.  Would I go to Paris and not eat my favorite Schwarma Sandwich from the stand at the bottom of Sacre Coeur, or that delicious pistachio macaroon from the pastry shop in the Marais?  A vacation just wouldn’t be a vacation without experiencing the culture around you, and this always includes the food.  I spend every day planning my meals and workouts to remain happy, fit and healthy.  I don’t want to think so much on vacation.  Will one week of a “who cares attitude” really make a difference in the scheme of things? Or, will it throw me into a never ending abyss of carbo craziness.

What do you think?  Should I throw caution to the wind or is there a better way to attack this?  Please help!  Adios!

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4 Comments to Mexican Conundrum! What’s a Primal Guy to Do?

July 16, 2010

Throw caution to the wind! Enjoy!

Steve A
July 16, 2010

Mike, should I be suprised that you would five me such advice. Why not come and join in on the fun!

I say invoke the 80/20 rule. Have primal breakfasts and lunches – lots of fresh fruit, pollo, vegetables. But then enjoy your travels – have what you want for dinner/drink.

I bet if Grok could’ve, he would’ve had a pina colada! 😉

Steve Patterson
July 19, 2010

Use this trip as a challenge to try new foods, to seek out the local foods not geared toward American tourists. Have fun!

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